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19 02 2009


WELCOME!  Thanks for visiting our Call To Action site!  Over the last week the numbers of supporters from our Facebook Cause Save The NWPA! Protect Canada’s Waterways has jumped from 200 to almost 2000.  I think with continued outreach and awareness of our cause that we will soon reach 5000.  5000 people that “Speak For Canadian Rivers”.  Many thanks to everyone that has helped build our numbers.  Now… it is time to act!

This is a temporary “Call To Action Site” while we get things updated on .  Please direct friends and family to act here… as well as to visit for more complete information on the gutting of the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) .

As you scroll  down the page you will find some Action Inspiration, followed by a 4 step “Call To Action”.  We invite you to explore the actions in front of you and reach out to do what you can to “Speak For Canadian Rivers”.  Some of our actions are just a few clicks away, some include donating a small amount to Canadian Rivers Network (or larger sums if you like!) and some include supporting the businesses that support the NWPA cause.  

Total time to cruise this site and contribute…. 20 mins maximum.  Result of preserving our rivers… timeless!

Thanks for acting!




OK… A Little “Action Inspiration”

19 02 2009

The following video helps put environmental protection and “speaking out” in perspective.  If we don’t “Speak For Canadian Rivers” … Who will?

Take a look at this short video, get inspired, and ACT NOW!





# 1 A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words!

19 02 2009


Dear Finance Committee Members, I am requesting that you de-couple the Navigable Waters Protection Act from the BIA and Bill C-10.  I accept that the NWPA needs amending but that it should be given its due course, parliamentary procedure, consultation and process. I believe that our country cannot “fix the economy at the expense of environmental protection”.




Here is what you need to do.

Highlight the picture and text and click COPY (start from the bottom under the word address).

Open your mail program and click PASTE.

Edit your name and address and send to (copy and paste from Tweed to Bryson),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

You can make a huge difference by sending this  today.  The Finance and Transport Committees meet on Monday Feb. 23th.  We hope that if they receive 2000 postcards from people that “Speak For Canadian Rivers” perhaps they will start listening!

This action takes nothing but a few minutes of your time… They need to hear from all 2000 of us!

#2 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

19 02 2009

Like all grassroots environmental advocacy campaigns, the Canadian Rivers Network needs your financial support.  The mobilization of supporters over the past week on Facebook has helped us to reduce reliance on large corporate donations and make small accessible donations from a broad user base a reality.  Running campaigns to represent YOU and others that “Speak For Canadian Rivers” takes $$$.  CRN has partnered with the Sierra Club of Canada to handle the donation process for us.  As a group that has grown to 2000 strong in just one week… imagine this.  Lets say we were all to “Dig Deep” and donate just $20 each.  By no means will that break anyone.  That would give us $40000 to work with for our lobbying efforts.  Things like advertising, transport and copying cost real money.

So… we are asking… Is this cause worth $20 to you?  If so Donate Here

When you scroll down on the donations page please be sure to write CRN NWPA in the Campaign Designation Box and check the Sierra Club Of Canada (No receipt) circle.

We realize that collecting on donations is a challenging endeavor.  We really need to raise some funds… please donate… even just $20… do it today!



#3 Economic Stimulus Challenge For River Advocacy

19 02 2009

The inclusion of the NWPA in Bill C-10 is under the disguise of a way to help stimulate the economy.  We believe that improving the economy at the expense of the environment is an ill conceived stimulus plan.  

The question had been raised earlier as to what the whitewater industry is doing to help this cause.  It is a good question with a simple answer.  If consumers are savvy enough to support engaged businesses then more businesses will become engaged.

We have developed the Economic Stimulus Challenge for both consumers and industry leaders to get involved.  The following companies have pledged to donate 20% of their sales of specific items to support the Canadian Rivers Network fight….. Read the rest of this entry »

# 4 Change Your Status!

19 02 2009

Facebook users UNITE!… Now that the call to action has happened let’s drive friends and family… your entire network to act!

We are requesting once you have done something… post it on facebook! 

Change your status to Please visit & TO ACT NOW!  (Copy and paste green text straight into your status)

Our strength and influence is now in our numbers.  Together, we took a group of 200 and in less than a week brought it to over 2000!  We need to keep this momentum rolling!

Thanks for your efforts, donations and actions.  They are significant and truly appreciated.  When the “next generation” of paddlers asks “what did you do to help save the NWPA” … you can honestly answer that … “I acted, I tried!”

Many thanks,